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20CENT MOOD Slowly but surely

20CENT MOOD Slowly but surely

Hello my friends,



It's been a while since I've written or even dropped you a few lines on these pages. Well actually, you probably noticed yourself, this year 2020 is not very rich in events, nor in real launches and innovations. 

During the summer, I thought, or at least I hoped like many of you, that retail activities would resume in September. However, since the end of the summer, every week I have received a press release announcing the postponement or cancellation of planned events and tradeshows. And when it came to launches or new products, I saw nothing on the horizon. Therefore, I didn't want to publish anything because there's nothing fun about announcing cancellations. And since I didn't have the opportunity to go out into the field, I didn't come across any new concepts that deserved a few lines. 

As I didn't have a lot to sink my teeth into, I took a step back. I grabbed the opportunity in the last few weeks to take some time to think about where I can and should direct this 20/CENT Retail blog in the coming months. I've reflected about it, and there are several points to (re)work on, or to develop on my pages in the future. In short, I have work to do and it's still fun. And of course, I will keep you informed. 

Also, today, we start the month of October. I thought it's a good time to start writing again and drop you a few lines. And all the more so since I'm seeing a timid recovery. The retail world and its main players are (finally) starting to communicate on something other than the covid and its constraints. (By the way, I have some new publications coming soon).

Moreover, from the point of view of trade shows and events, I hear that 2021 will be a year of recovery. And this recovery will be both face-to-face and virtual. And yes, I'll be able to tell you about my first experiences on this subject in future articles, as well as share my vision of the "hybrid events of the future". 

In any case, we have all waited long enough and the business simply has to pick up again. So, I salute you all and ...




...untill the next lines. 


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