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The dairy industry in India has its fair: India International Dairy Expo

The dairy industry in India has its fair: India International Dairy Expo

Second edition

As 20/Cent Retail is always checking out the main events of our industry, I discovered India International Dairy Expo recently. The event focuses on the dairy industry for India. It attracts professionals involved in dairy farming, veterinary, processing, packaging, quality management, distribution and also the dairy products just to name a few.

Key Figures

  • Over 150 exhibitors
  • Over 6100 visitors


The dairy industry in India

Something not many know is that India is the world’s largest producer of milk, accounting for around 20% of the world's total milk production. It is also the world's largest consumer of dairy products. Obviously the population of India is playing a major role in this aspect:

  • The population is increasing (currently over 1.24 bn),
  • It is also health conscious
  • The demand for pro-biotic drinks is going up,
  • Milk is a major ingredient in Indian food,
  • The consumption of milk based products increases as well (e.g. ice-creams, cheese, sweets, etc. )

In terms of production, the industry in India is good for 138 million tons produced in 2013-2014.


Together with a seminar by the Indian Dairy Association

The fair IIDE is in it for its second edition, and is organized at the same time as a seminar on “New Technologies for Milk Processing” by the Indian Dairy Association. There is another excuse to visit the fair if you are in the area.



India International Dairy Expo, from 23rd to 25th of April 2015, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India, www.iideindia.com