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20CENT STYLE Yo Yo Yo Yo let’s wrap with No Fairytales
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20CENT STYLE Yo Yo Yo Yo let’s wrap with No Fairytales

First of all, don’t worry! I won’t break into song and especially won’t start to do any rap. Last thing we want is a middle age guy like me doing rap music. However, I would definitely have a go at wraps for a meal. Bad pun you say? Well I am a fervent admirer of good Dad Jokes, and come on, it was a good title for this 20/CENT Style! Anyway, I wanted to tell you a little bit about No Fairytales, a range of wraps arriving at Delhaize Belgium. (you read it first on 20/CENT Retail folks!)


A bit of story

The story of No Fairytales started in the kitchen of Founder Bernadette Kooijman and it’s quite impressive what has been accomplished in five years. After seeing some advertising for junk food, Bernadette decided to create a healthy product that could be used in snacks and in meals. Tortillas came to mind as they can be used as bread replacement. At first the company focused on product development for about a good year, and then the products made their way to the shelves of Albert Heijn in the Netherlands. After a run in 300 stores, the wraps conquered the shelves of all AH stores, and the ones of other retailers in the country (e.g. JumboSparHanosBidfood, …). 


And now in Belgium!

Obviously with such a good development, the scaleup No Fairytales started to eye on Belgium. Thanks to AH’s presence in Belgium, it was soon detected that the wraps were quite successful in Belgium. The rotation on the Belgian shelves is higher than on the Dutch ones. So, with these promising numbers, No Fairytales managed to convince Delhaize to take the products in their assortment. 

For Bernadette Kooijman, they also have to thank the Belgian influencers for their development: “We see that our products are very popular in Belgium. Belgians are open to try new products.  Not only do they eat consciously, they also like very good food. From the beginning we have been noticed by a number of major Belgian influencers and we certainly have a lot to thank for that.”


My 20/CENT on these wraps

But the interesting fact in my opinion, is that this is not just about wraps and being a simple bread replacement. The products are surfing on the healthy trends. Not only, wraps are trendy, but the products consist of 45% of vegetables, are low in calories, and rich in fibers. Also, the range offers three different flavors: Carrots, Beets, and Paprika Chili. 

So, if you ask me, with those USP’s in mind, and the fact that influencers demonstrate that wraps have the potential to be used for every meal or snack opportunity, these products should continue to conquer store shelves in the near future. 

Starting this week 21, the wraps from No Fairytales are available at Delhaize only. My hunch tells me other retailers should follow soon. 



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