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20CENT Style Gato Negro Rosé limited edition is back

20CENT Style Gato Negro Rosé limited edition is back

Good news for those who enjoy a nice bottle of wine, the Gato Negro Rosé limited edition is back. When I mean “nice bottle” I mean, the bottle is nice. And don’t worry, the wine is good too. 

Last year, I already mentioned this limited edition on these pages. The wine itself is a good mainstream rosé with nice fruity notes of strawberries and cranberries. It is quite refreshing as well and offers you what you can expect from a rosé of this price-category. 

But again, the limited edition is highlighted by the fact that it is a nice bottle. The decorations are painted and it helps the wine to pop up on the shelves compared to others. So, it makes it a nice item to put on your table during your aperitif or dinner. 

This limited edition will be available at Carrefour, Cora, Match and Spar Lambrechts starting from May. 



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