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20CENT STYLE Gato Negro offers a pleasant alcohol free wine
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20CENT STYLE Gato Negro offers a pleasant alcohol free wine

If you go to your local supermarket, you will notice that the alcohol-free wine section keeps getting bigger. And in a way it is normal. Alcohol-free wines are a good alternative when you don’t want to drink alcohol, but don’t want to switch to juices or sodas which often contain more sugar. So, it’s logical to see more winemakers and brands tackling the alcohol-free segment. And it is actually a good thing because I actually believe that the quality of alcohol-free products improved dramatically in the last two years. 

Well, today for 20/CENT Style, let’s have a look at one of the latest arrivals in the segment. Gato Negro, the well-known Chilean brand just launched an alcohol-free Sauvignon Blanc. Personally, I had the chance to taste this product on an event a few months ago. Back then it was only a “lab version”, but it was already a very pleasant wine. And now that the finished version hits the shelves, I believe it should be quite successful in the category. This Sauvignon Blanc is a quite refreshing white wine, with lots of fruity taste. You can definitely enjoy it simply as aperitif or during your meals and barbecues. And probably for the more creative ones, it will be a great ingredient in your alcohol-free cocktails. 

This wine is available at Cora and Carrefour. 



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