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My pick at Vinexpo and Wine Paris 2020

My pick at Vinexpo and Wine Paris 2020

As usual after a visit at a tradeshow, I select the three concepts that caught my attention the most. And here is the result for my visit at Vinexpo and Wine Paris 2020.


Moon Gin 

It sounds silly, but I had to go to Paris to discover this Belgian concept I didn’t know. Moon Gin is a creation from two guys who one day while drinking and staring at the moon decided to create their own gin. And so, the Moon Gin was born. Two variants have been created. The first is the Moon Gin Original, which won several awards internationally. And the second one is the Cherry Moon Gin. This one is a fruity version of the original with notes of cherries, but also cinnamon and licorice. Both are quite tasty and I say that when I actually am not a gin lover. 


New York Wine and Grape Foundation

American wines are quite known already, but personally I knew less about wines from the region of New York. These do find their way to the European markets but I haven’t seen one on the shelves of the stores I usually visit yet. 

Anyway, what I discovered is that the grapes are quite the classics you can expect (Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Merlot…). And If I have to base my opinion on what I had the chance to taste: the region is stronger to create white wines or sparkling, but red wines need a bit more work. 


L’Art de Vivre from Gérard Bertrand

A short visit to the stand of a well-known brand allowed me to see that the Gérard Bertrand company seems to emphasize its organic ranges. I was also told that the group is working hard and more on biodynamics with its different estates in Languedoc Roussillon. Also, on the stand I could see that, as with many producers, the products are more and more often available in different formats in order to adapt to today's different ways of consumption. 

But the concept that most pleasantly surprised me was the Art de Vivre (the Art of Living). It is a wine with which the group wished to pay tribute to the Languedoc Roussillon, which has ancestral thousand-year-old terroirs. The bottle is reminiscent of amphoras, which makes the concept already visually appealing. And the wine comes from an old and sometimes forgotten autochthonous grape variety of Languedoc Roussillon, it is Mono grape variety Clairette du Languedoc Adissan. This wine is very fruity and more than pleasant to taste. 






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