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The fish industry meets in Brussels

The fish industry meets in Brussels

Brussels the capital of the fish industry

The Seafood Expo Global is coming to Brussels again. From 21st till 23rd of April, the merger of the previous European Seafood Exposition and Seafood Processing Global will gather international seafood professionals at Brussels Expo in Belgium.

The fair is organized by Diversified Communications who also brings to the industry other seafood expositions, events and sources: Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America, Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global, Seafood Expo Asia, SeafoodSource.com, and SeaWeb Seafood Summit, a conference on sustainability (in partnership with Seaweb).

Key Figures

  • 36.067m2 exhibition space (meaning 1000 square meters more than in 2014)
  • close to 26.000 buyers expected
  • coming from 150 countries

“Growth is making it another exciting year”

The Group Vice President for Diversified Communications, Liz Plizga, is thrilled with the growth of the event: “This has been an exciting year to see the event grow and expand to become the largest edition in its history. This growth is a positive indication on the state and health of the seafood industry.” Liz Plizga adds: “The exposition’s strength is in its ability to attract the strong buying power of the global seafood industry for three days of conducting business, networking, discovering the latest trends in the industry and sourcing new products”.

The Seafood Prix D’Elite

As posted in a previous article, on a yearly basis, the fair awards the Seafood Prix d’Elite. See : http://20100retail.be/en/articles/48/the-finalists-of-the-seafood-prix-d-elite-2015-%E2%80%A8are-known

The ceremony will be held on 21st of April and will recognize the best new products of the year developed for the European seafood market.


About the Seafood industry

According to a 2014 report by the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO),

  • world fish production has experienced tremendous growth, increasing from 20 million tonnes in 1950 to 156.2 million tonnes in 2012, of which 97 percent was used for direct human consumption.
  • Per capita fish consumption increased from 9.9kg in 1960 to 19.1kg in 2012. The report indicates that according to OECD--FAO (2013) projections, the trend is likely to continue with world fish production reaching 181 million tonnes by 2022.

Looking at the list of novelties presented and the nominees for the Seafood Prix d’Elite, one can notice three major trends of the industry:

  1. Convenience
  2. Predominance of fish or Seafood as a light snack or side dish
  3. Products specifically developed for kids

Hopefully my visit to the fair will help me to illustrate those trends to you.


My 20/Cent on the Seafood Global Expo

Well, despite it being a major fair, if not ‘the’ major fair of the seafood industry, in the past I didn’t visit it as often as I would have liked. What I had noticed is that, as a global event, the organizers could improve a few things such as the social media presence, the signs in the fair, the communication previous to the event, or even the press registration.

But I can’t take the lack of visits as an excuse not to go, on the contrary. The few times I did visit, I was pleasantly surprised with the innovations presented, and the international diversity. So any visitor looking for innovation and learning trends of the industry will be satisfied with his visit.

Also, as a partner of mine once pointed out to me, it’s a trade fair about fish where you are not overwhelmed by the smell.

All in all, I would say that, and not just because it’s in Brussels, it’s an event not to miss.



Seafood Expo Global & Seafood Processing Global, from 21st till 23rd of April 2015, Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium,  www.seafoodexpo.com/global

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