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My pick at ISM 2020
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My pick at ISM 2020

As usual, I saw many things at ISM 2020, but as time and space is limited on my pages, I will only share three out of many innovations that caught my eye. 


Labels made of grass paper

It was the winner of the ISM Packaging Award powered by ProSweets Cologne. Any specialist will tell you, one of the main focus for packaging tomorrow is that it will be reusable, eatable or totally biodegradable. Froben Druck GmbH & Co. KG won this year at the show as they came up with an innovation surfing on that trend, a label made with grass paper. Basically, it’s pretty easy to produce, the basic raw material is everywhere and it has the ability to decompose without harming the environment. 


Emagination Store

An interesting concept offering personalisation of classic products. The company Emagination Store had mainly products from Mondelez on display at their booth. But all of these were personalised around a theme or specificities. For example, you could personalise your cookie packaging for Mother’s Day or with the name of a birthday boy… Personalisation is not new, but here in this case I thought it was interesting to see how the full hardware and software packages work to produce a small amount or even only one personalised item.

The company specialises in placing a totem display with the digital interface at a retailer’s point of sales. The consumer can then order his items and personalise them according to his tastes. The full concept comes also with an online store, allowing orders not only at the POS but also on the web. 

The company’s concept is apparently well spread with gifting retailers in the UK and the idea is to expand further on continental Europe.



Finally, last but not least, among all the Belgian companies present I just wanted to pick Yolloh. It’s a range of candy with some recipes and shapes from yesterday, as well as candy from today. It’s a good mix of old fashioned and current approach. 

Also, a good thing to mention is that this manufacturer actually makes candies in three different ranges: gelatin free, vegan and gluten free. Next to a wide range, the company has a few display concepts helping to put the products in the spotlights in a POS. It’s all classic, but well executed. 





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