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My pick at Saveurs et Métiers 2020

My pick at Saveurs et Métiers 2020

At every trade show, I have a look at the different booths and innovations present, and as usual, I did the same at Saveurs et Métiers 2020. Out of the many exhibitors, here are three concepts that caught my attention at this year’s show. 


Les Chips de Lucien

Here is a nice local story. It is about farmers who decided to create a finished product from their potato crops. They created Les Chips de Lucien. The principle is rather well regarded because it rides the positive wave of local products. And also, since the chips are produced and packaged close to where they were grown, the product has a lower C02 balance than other products in the category. And the concept seems to be a hit as somebody whispered in my ear that an impressive number of stores have already put the products on their shelves. 


La Biscuiterie Namuroise 

The Biscuiterie Namuroise is the work of three partners who are determined to bring entrepreneurship back to Namur. They have a production that creates premium products for local shops. What is interesting to note is that the concept is very complete: there is a commercial vision, a wide range which is declined on several segments with bulk, packs, products for the "coffee accompaniment" in the Horeca... In short, we can see that the company has a very determined and long-term concept. And also, I won’t fail to mention that the products are tasty. 



At trade fairs, I often come across innovations. But it is rarer to come across concepts like Sofkidoe, which in my opinion is really an innovative and useful concept for its sector. The concept consists of an alternative to food film for professionals. In the Horeca, bakeries, sandwich shops, butcher shops, ...in short, wherever there is preparation or a kitchen, there is also a lot of cling film that is used. This is necessary to avoid waste and contamination, but it also generates a lot of plastic waste. And that's where this solution from Sofkidoe comes in handy, with a reusable fabric that replaces this plastic. The concept has many advantages: 

  • the fabric has been tested in the laboratory and has received a certification from the AFSCA/FAVV,
  • It's machine washable, 
  • it can be tailor made according to the pots and containers used, 
  • it is available in different colors so that you can create your own filing system
  • the life span is about three years. In short, in 5 months you achieve your ROI if you compare this solution to to plastic films. 
  • the fabric is also customizable if you want to put your company logo on it. 

Clearly, this is an innovative concept, and useful for many reasons. 

For the environment, I wish that this solution was also easily accessible to the consumer. For the moment it is, but only in certain organic shops. In short, for large retailers who want to do their part in reducing waste, this is an idea to follow. 




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