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Saveurs et Métiers 2020 a successful transition
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Saveurs et Métiers 2020 a successful transition

A good vintage

The Saveurs et Métiers event was held for the fourth time at the end of January and was a successful event overall. 

A varied and local offer

At first glance, some might point out that the volume of visitors and exhibitors seemed to have decreased compared to the previous edition. However, this would be a rather short analysis and does not reflect the exact situation. This 2020 edition marked the fact that the show is becoming an annual event from now on. In short, given that some exhibitors had already made other commitments, and that in addition some competitions and demonstrations were not taking place this year, it is logical that the volume would be slightly lower than in 2019. But in spite of everything, Namur Expo was well filled and there were enough exhibitors (and visitors) present to say that the exhibition offer was a success. 

If you look at the offer in general, it was easy to see that besides some 'classic' exhibitors, it was possible to find some small local companies that bring their innovative touch to the market. 

The events fulfilled their mission

Finally, a trade fair is also often judged by its side events. The seminar program was nice (and I'm not just saying that because I gave a lecture in front of a varied and interested audience). 

But moreover, the general theme chosen for the fair was quite well reflected in the offer, as well as in the dedicated space. As a reminder, this year's edition had chosen to put "Food on the Go" at the center of the stage. 


My 20/CENT on Saveurs et Métiers 2020

Sincerely, this 2020 edition was, in my opinion, successful overall. It is clear that the 2020 edition could be regarded as a transitional year, given the change from a biannual to an annual rhythm. But the 2020 Saveurs et Métiers vintage was a little more than a transition. Once again, I was able to discover new products and concepts that are not well spread on the market, and some that are totally unknown. Moreover, the organization of the show was quite well done. 

In short, knowing that next edition will mark the return of certain competitions such as the Aspirant Baker for example, and that the rate of rebooking for next year seems promising, after a successful 2020 event I already expect a lot from the 2021 vintage. 



Ps: Don't forget to take a look at the three concepts that caught my eye on this 2020 edition in a following article. 


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