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20CENT MOOD The break
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20CENT MOOD The break

Suddenly we have a break

And so here we are, all supposed to stay home for a(n) (un)determined period of time. And of course, it is a serious inconvenience as it turns all our habits and everything we know upside down. And most of all it sucks as socially, we won’t be able to see our family, relatives, and friends as we used to. But let’s face it, health is the most important element and we need to remember that. 

A forced break

In a way, for my part this break is forced and has unpleasant consequences as the Retail Alert project suddenly stopped. After this impulsive end of what could have been something interesting for the B2B media landscape, one could argue and discuss. And my dear followers and friends, I have heard different formulas from many of you: “what if…?, it should have.., it’s clearly a problem of…, such a shame, …”. But all in all, what’s the point in wasting energy looking backwards? Frankly, I prefer to concentrate on your positive messages emphasizing the quality of the editorial content I delivered. And I wish to also focus on the one recurrent request all of you had when you heard or read the news about the end of that Retail Alert. So, let me reassure you immediately: I will fulfil that request and continue to publish on 20/CENT Retail. It was always the intention anyway. 

A welcomed break

But in another way, to have a break is a good thing as it allows us to stop, breathe and actually think about our habits. Let’s face it, after this crisis, we would be pretty stupid to just go back to “life as it was before”. And anyway, I don’t think we can as this crisis will leave deep scars and force us to revaluate the way our society functions as a whole. 

But maybe you have a different coping mechanism, and you will spend the next weeks complaining about the fact you are limited and can’t do what you want or what you used to. Yes, it is true, you are limited in certain ways. But you can and should decide to use this time to do and create something positive instead of just whine.  

For 20/CENT Retail’s activities and posts on these pages, I will seize the opportunity offered by this break and try to see what can be improved, remodel a few designs, and most of all come up with new ideas. But do not worry, I will still post in the next days, I just need something interesting to write about and don’t want to spend time dissecting the crisis numbers. (I don’t want to follow the classic media all fighting to be first to tell you that sales of toilet paper are rising by 467 gazillion percent…It is so dreadful and depressing). 

Anyway, I should conclude this column. To sum up, I just wanted to reassure you about the future, and also encourage you to remain positive. 


Till next time folks!



PS: As we are all forced to stay home, don’t forget to spend time with your close family, kids…and pick up the phone or video chat with your relatives and friends, especially the ones living alone. Stay safe. 


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