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20CENT STYLE Grand Barossa
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20CENT STYLE Grand Barossa

The 20/CENT Style column is meant to share topics with you around brands with a story or lifestyle items, always linked with my retail findings and daily activities of course. And today, I just wanted to share with you about the Grand Barossa, a wine that I discovered in Delhaize and I simply had a crush on it. 

This wine is coming from Australia and is a product from Chateau Tanunda, a house established in 1890. To make this Grand Barossa only a single variety of grapes is used. This wine is 100% made with Shiraz and the vintage I found in my local Delhaize is a 2017. 

When you taste the wine, you can feel the dark fruits (some blackberries…) and a little spicy tingle but not much. This wine goes very well with dishes containing red meat. My favorite combination was this wine with braised duck, I sincerely recommend it to you. 

Now, I mentioned earlier that this vineyard started in 1890, so this year marks its 130th birthday. It’s probably a story I should tell in another article in the future. What do you think? 



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