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20CENT STYLE Salt Wine from Gato Negro
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20CENT STYLE Salt Wine from Gato Negro

The other day I stumbled upon something new in my supermarket. Despite the fact we are in difficult times, and that supermarkets are under a lot of pressure, I still notice here and there new items are put on the shelves. The good work delivered by people working in food retail is again demonstrated, as even in difficult times, one can find innovations and animation on the shelves. 

Anyway, as I was browsing in the wine section of my local supermarket, I saw a special necklace on Gato Negro wine bottles. At first, I thought it was a little bag containing seeds. Well it is spring after all, so it could have been to encourage people to have a more floral little garden. But after taking a closer look, I spotted it was actually salt wine. 

It’s a thing

Salt wine? Yes, apparently it is a thing to infuse salt with special flavours, and in this case it’s wine. So, I had to ask about it directly to the source. The responsible of Gato Negro who replied told me that they see this fitting in the food pairing story of the brand. “It's because the Gato Negro brand is fully focused on its claim: It's all about flavoRRR. That is why all the brand activities we are carrying out are associated with the world of flavour and how Gato Negro wine can contribute to this, in the different moments that the consumer goes through (food pairing / eating+drinks / cooking).".

It’s a good story

To be honest, for me salt has always been salt. Indeed, I did taste the wine flavour when I just put a bit on my tongue. Except, it was hard for me to notice a difference when I used it in a recipe. 

But this story is definitely a good way to bring a little bit of animation on the wine shelves by offering a little extra, something different than the usual necklace or possible gadget. 

Nonetheless, for sure, it is definitely something fitting in a “food pairing” story, and it is fitting for Gato Negro’s brand. 



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