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The corona virus crisis is heavily affecting grandparents

The corona virus crisis is heavily affecting grandparents

The Happy Grandparents platform, an online community that brings grandparents together around good tips, tricks and other leisure activities, conducted a survey among its members to find out the impact of the corona virus crisis. 

Some 1,528 community members participated and responded to the study called "The Corona Virus and Grandchildren". Nearly 9 out of 10 respondents are between 55 and 75 years of age and are therefore classified as "Happy Boomers". 

The main information that emerges from the study shows: 

  • The risk in relation to the virus
    • 40.9% consider themselves "at risk" in relation to COVID-19
    • 49.4% do not consider themselves "at risk" but are acting more cautiously than usual. 
    • 9.7% do not consider themselves to be at risk and have not changed their habits.
  • Contact with the outside world
    • 88.7% of the respondents have not seen their grandchildren since the start of the containment measures.
    • 85.6% feel this isolation from their family and their grandchildren is very difficult to live with.
    • Regarding the ways to keep in touch during the confinement, an overwhelming majority (83%) go towards new video communication technologies (Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook,...) while only 38% go towards the telephone as a means of communication.
  • Post-confinement: A final issue addressed by the study concerns post-confinement support for children and grandchildren.  
    • 36.4% intend to go towards material aid. 
    • 20.4% towards financial assistance. 
    • 36% of the votes go towards no help for children and grandchildren after confinement.


Source : www.happygrandsparents.be

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