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Best Wishes
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Best Wishes

20/CENT wishes that during the coming year 


  • You never have a disagreement with your supplier/buyer
  • Your products are always perfectly displayed according to the planograms 
  • You never discover an out of stock situation on a shelf
  • Your invoices are always paid according to the decent terms (and not x months after the end of the current month or whatever “good policy” your creditors have)
  • your consumers always understand your intended marketing messages
  • You are always on time to pick up your kids and not rushing for a change
  • You have a warm cup of coffee without interruption at least once
  • You can enjoy some wine with your friends from time to time
  • You never step into mud (or worse) with your nice shoes
  • You never get caught in a traffic jam
  • You never crack your mobile screen after dropping it


…and everything you can hope for in 2020. 



PS: ok, maybe some seem unrealistic but, you never know. Have a great year !




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