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Djazagro, a gateway to the Algerian market

Djazagro, a gateway to the Algerian market

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It’s already the twelfth edition for Djazagro that was established in 2003. The event is aimed primarily at Algerian professionals and brings together international exhibitors active in bakery / pastry, catering, processes, packaging and food packaging.

Key figures Djazagro

  • 90% of visitors are Algerians
  • In 2014, 81% of visitors had a role in purchases (against 70% in 2013)
  • 566 companies were present (increase of 15% compared to 2013), 82% of them are international
  • 19,200 trade visitors (an increase of 4% against 2013)

The exhibition space will be divided into four areas: Ingredients, Bakery/Confectionery/Restoration, Process/Packaging and Food/Drinks.

The key events of the 2015 edition

The Bakery of tomorrow: Seeing that an Algerian bakery can be compared to a semi-industrial production in France, the organizers of the event set up a space to demonstrate the innovations and possibilities in terms of mechanization and automation (water cooler, mixer, fermentation tools...) for bakery.

The Kitchen of Djazagro: in cooperation with Electrolux, this is an area of ​​culinary demonstrations. The chefs will present mostly local product demonstrations.

Conferences: like any respectable fair, the organization decided to start a program of seminars. Visitors will be able to attend technical sessions on the meat industry, research and agribusiness development, or the creation of businesses just to name a few.


The Algerian market

Djazagro is intended primarily for the Algerian market. Here are some key figures on it.

Algeria, ranks as the largest market in the Maghreb

  • 36.3 million inhabitants
  • GDP: 167 billion USD (2010)
  • GDP growth rate: 2.1% in 2009 (excluding hydrocarbons)
  • Imports 2009: 39.1 billion USD *

The European Union is the main partner for Algeria and represents

  • 53% of imports
  • 53% of Algerian exports

The Algerian food industry is the second largest industry in the country

  • 120,000 employees, 17,000 industrial enterprises, 95% managed by the private sector
  • 1st African buyer of food
  • 75% of the needs are met by imports

* Source: Algerian customs / ** Source: IMF / *** 2010-2014 Five-Year Plan.

Food accounts for 45% of  the spending of an Algerian household

  • Algeria is ranked 3rd in the world in the import of milk and milk products
  • High consumption of biscuits (2.5 kg/year/person) and non-alcoholic beverages (47L/year/person).
  • Algeria is a major importer of commodities
    • Algeria is the first importer of agri-food products in Africa
    • Imports of food industry represent 7.7 billion USD in 2008 (vs 2.6 billion USD in 2000).

Retail and distribution in Algeria

  • The majority of distributors are private companies
  • The general food stores and supermarkets are homogeneously distributed in the country
  • Approximately 8.000 traditional restaurants, 18.000 fast food companies, and 600 bars
  • 12.000 à 15.000 pastry bakers (Bread is at the basis of the national diet with an average of 900 g of bread consumed per day per capita)


My 20/Cent on the opportunity of visiting the event

Obviously the event is a local affair when you see that visitors are mainly Algerians. Some of the "International" readers among yourselves will also see the small glitches in the translation of the English version of the website. In short, if you are international you might doubt the opportunity to visit or exhibit.

But the event is already in its twelfth edition, and shows a steady growth in its key figures (number of visitors, number of exhibitors, the functions performed by the visitors...). In addition to this, the information on the Algerian market does show interesting opportunities for companies looking to export towards the Maghreb. Clearly, if you are such company, Djazagro can be the starting point of your ambitions in the region.



Djazagro, from 20th to 23rd of April 2015, Palais des Expositions Safex, Algiers, Algeria, www.djazagro.com