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Quick preview of Anuga 2019 and why you shouldn’t miss it
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Quick preview of Anuga 2019 and why you shouldn’t miss it

It is October and soon Anuga will open its doors. Obviously, I have often described this event, as an unmissable show for anyone involved in the food industry, so you can expect I will tell you this event is special. But this year is even more unique as Anuga celebrates an important birthday. The first Anuga took place one hundred years ago, and this year, the event celebrates with some new items on the program. Of course, you will also find next to the novelties that the show will remain a great meeting point with some of its usual highlights. 


Highlights of the show

Well firstly, you still have the selling point of Anuga offering ten trade shows in one place with Fine Food, Frozen Food, Meat, Chilled and Fresh Food, Dairy, Bread and Bakery, Drinks, Organic, Hot Beverages and Culinary Concepts

Next to that aspect, you should also check out the following highlights: 

  • Halal Market: trends and novelties around the topic Halal.
  • Anuga Taste Innovation Show: an expert jury of journalists will select the industry's top innovations. 
  • Anuga Trend Zone: the Innova Market Insights team of experts will present insightful and cutting-edge research results of the development of the food and beverage industry. It is always a place where I like to stop and you should as well. 
  • Culinary Stage: cooking demonstrations.
  • Start Up Area: For the first time, Anuga offers participation opportunities for start-ups from the food industry. 
  • Horizon 2050: an area to bring together visionaries, innovators, initiatives and start-ups from a variety of backgrounds to jointly shape the future of the industry. There will be five thematic focuses with panel discussions, presentations and best practice examples: 
    • Sustainable Environment – Better Food for a Better World
    • Startup-Day – New Solutions, New Products
    • Alternative Proteins – New Sources to Feed 10 Billion
    • New Nutrition – The Evolution of Food
    • Internet of Food
  • And major Congresses with the E-Grocery Congress @Anuga2019, the iFood Conference and Nutrition X.  


My 20/CENT about Anuga 2019

First, I will repeat myself: Anuga is an event you cannot miss. If you are in the food industry, you should visit to go and discover the latest trends and network with your peers. 

Secondly, as it is a celebration year, you can expect some special items. So, of course this is another reason to go. 

But to me, I truly feel the Koelnmesse are giving out new vibes. There is a renewal going on in the infrastructure, in the teams and in the aura of the different events hosted in Cologne. I won’t go into details to point out all the changes. But you can expect I follow quite the evolution of many shows and their organizers, and the events in Cologne have seen quite a few positive changes in the past two years. (e.g. ISM, DMEXCO, Veganfach…). What I mean here is not that the past was getting old or was bad. It is just that there is a logical evolution, and the upcoming Anuga is definitely surfing on that wave. 

So to conclude, I will just tell you: let’s meet in Cologne.


Anuga 2019, from 5th till 9th of October 2019, Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany, www.anuga.com 


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