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Don’t miss the Belgian meat at Anuga 2019

Don’t miss the Belgian meat at Anuga 2019

At the upcoming Anuga, we can expect again to see a lot of plant-based products. However, meat still is part of a balanced diet and you shouldn’t forget to include it in your regime. 

I am not going to give you a lecture on nutrition, with this little article I just wish to attract your attention on the meat producers in Wallonia, Belgium. 


A few facts about meat from Wallonia

BBB is a star

Wallonia has over 7,000 km2 of agricultural land on which 1.2 million cattle graze. The star of the cattle is the Blanc Bleu Belge (BBB), it composes about 80% of the cattle stock. But of course there are other foreign breeds, such as the Limousine, the Salers, the Charolaise or the Blanche d’Aquitaine, 

The many livestock farmers, who still often work as families, attach great importance to quality, service and animal welfare in harmony with biodiversity. In addition, the Walloon sector has put in place stringent hygiene procedures and benefits from optimal productivity capacity and traceability.

Free grazing

A significant element that allows the Walloon production to be described as ‘green’ is free grazing. Most farms apply free-range methods, which means that the cattle spend much of their time in the meadow. 

And actually his grazing time allows the Blanc Bleu Belge beef to be of very high quality, diversified and perfectly in line with consumers’ tastes. It provides real nutritional benefits and a quality of taste.

The Walloon beef is exported already in different parts of the world such as Asia, the Middle East or the Gulf countries. 


Walloon Beef at Anuga

AWEX (the Wallonia Export Investment Agency), in collaboration with APAQ-W (the Walloon agency for the promotion of quality agriculture), organizes a campaign to increase the visibility of Belgian beef. In this context, you will find in Hall 6 on booth E119 different cooking demonstrations from famous chefs Maximilian Lorenz and Maxime Renard, both Michelin star chefs. It will be a perfect opportunity for you to (re)discover Belgian beef. 




Anuga 2019, from 5th till 9th of October 2019, Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany, www.anuga.com



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