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It's not just about the bottom line : the Duoday

It's not just about the bottom line : the Duoday

The anniversary of this blog is approaching and several ideas and thoughts run through my mind. When time comes, I will share all of these thoughts with you for sure. But already, allow me to share one today.

In my view, it seems interesting on these pages to not just focus on concepts, events or optimizations of products or services that can shake up the industry. Therefore, here is the birth of a new angle that will highlight projects that are interesting because of their ethical, fair and socially responsible approach. So it will include projects from our industry or good causes to which some players of our industry have decided to participate.


DUOday, work for people with disabilities

The DUOday consists in a day on which a worker (mentor) and a person with disabilities (trainee) are associated to form a duo. The idea came from the observation that people with disabilities still often face difficulties to convince an employer to hire them. Also, among a lot of companies there is a lack of knowledge concerning the possible support existing to help the integration of a worker with disabilities.

Some editions of the DUOday had already taken place on a regional basis. This year a national initiative was launched on March 26. The DUOday takes place everywhere at the same time, which allows firms in several regions to participate simultaneously in each of their entities. With Ireland, Belgium is the only country that tackles the initiative on such a large scale. Big corporations such as Carrefour Belgium, BNP Paribas Fortis or Electrabel have subscribed to the project.


A very active retailer

The DUOday is a great initiative to which Carrefour Belgium participated with 47 duos formed, making the retailer the biggest duo-provider for the project.

The 47 Duos have formed on the three regions of the country, in different departments (Finance, Merchandise, Internal Communication, HR and Procurement) both at headquarters and in stores. A total of 39 trainees were able to stay at Carrefour for a period from 1 to 10 days, some trainees even participating in two duets.

Concretely, information and communications kits were distributed to participating outlets. This was done not just for promotion, but also in order to avoid ambiguous situations (e.g., a client that would try to address a hearing impaired person but wouldn’t get an answer).

Carrefour Belgium has even decided to set up a working group to encourage their employees with disabilities to manifest themselves, so as to take better account of their situation; and also promote the involvement and hiring of people with disabilities within the group.



For more information on the DUOday project or on how your company can participate: www.duoday.be