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20CENT Style Le Bon Goût des Belges comes also in white

20CENT Style Le Bon Goût des Belges comes also in white

Wine from our soil

There are always some products that can catch one’s eye. Recently it happened to me when I received a bottle of Belgian white wine. 

To start with, let me remind those among you who still don’t know, we do have great vineyards in Belgium (you must come from another planet or something if you just discovered it now). Some exist for quite some years now; their productions start to be known internationally and some even won prestigious awards. But what I like to point out about Belgian vineyards is that they don’t just produce wine and copy what’s been done everywhere else already. Belgian wine producers create new wines, and have their own style. And here again it is a good example. 


After red, comes white

So this bottle I received is Le Bon Gôut des Belges. After the success of the red wine, the Domaine du Ry d’Argent gives us a white. This wine is assembled from three grape varieties: 70% Solaris, 20% Grey Pinot and 10% White Pinot. The tasting is quite pleasant. The wine combines fruitiness with freshness and offers a nice length of taste. 

Too often I hear buyers or wine category responsibles complain about the pricing of Belgian Wines. However in this case, this wine gives you a strong price/quality ratio. Sincerely, this wine is honest and needs to be discovered. 

You will find it exclusively in the Carrefour stores. 




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