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My 20/Cent on the Babyboom fair

My 20/Cent on the Babyboom fair

Last weekend I visited the Babyboom fair, which was held in Brussels. The fair, aimed at consumers, focuses on young or future parents. Obviously I do fall in the category; otherwise it would have been a weird family outing. But also, I couldn’t help looking at the fair from my 20/Cent point of view.


Keep it for the next edition

The first point that I can emphasize is that it was a fun family outing. Many kids were enjoying the ride in their prams, or simply galloping in the aisles (mine really enjoyed it for his first fair experience). And to be fair (pun intended), a good time is the experience you want at this kind of event.

Secondly, there were a couple of animations to keep the event bubbling. Tombola, treasure hunts, mascots strolling around and shaking hands with kids, balloons… were many of the animations one could find on the exhibition area. Both organizers and exhibitors were responsible for that. And as you know, a fair without events and animations is pointless in my opinion.

In terms of content, all boxes were ticked as well. One could find all types of products, accessories and services such as: prams, bottles, clothes, beds, …

Finally, I’d like to congratulate GFK and Hellofresh.be for having booths on the event. It shows that there are still people in the sales and marketing world who know that certain events are great to meet your target group.


Little improvements possible

I don’t mean to be picky, but in terms of organization there where a few items that caught my attention.

Ticketing was not optimal. As usual, a smart move was the idea of purchasing our entrance fee online in advance; and by doing so we printed already a barcode. Now what’s the point if upon, arrival we still needed to go to a counter, and queue up to print other tickets? A person with a barcode reader checking tickets, and a better system would have been so easy to place. So I wouldn’t have had this little unnecessary loss of time.

Also the signage on the fair could have been better. Indeed, the exhibition area was only taking the Palais 11 of Brussels Expo, but the different areas of the event could have been better indicated, and exhibitors placed by theme. The situation gave me a bit of a messy feeling while visiting.



There you go with my thoughts about the Babyboom fair of 2015. I really couldn’t help myself and had to share.

Till next time.

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