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20CENT Mood Haters gonna hate

20CENT Mood Haters gonna hate

Busy schedule

For those who wondered why there were no new published articles in the last couple of days, well it’s purely for one reason: this operation is just me myself and I. My agenda was filled with personal priorities and other professional projects. I won’t go into details, but just know that if I am busy putting out fires, chasing after late suppliers payments, resetting printer and laptop or working on an assignment (which is more fun than the previous mentioned activities), I obviously can’t be concentrating at getting some content done. 


It’s not you little troll

But this little column today is not just a quick apology. I also take the opportunity to reassure some of you. Luckily, the sky always clears up after a storm and I can see more regularity on the horizon. My planning looks more consistent in the coming weeks and I don’t expect more unexpected items. Also, I never forget about ideas, and whenever I can, I do sketch notes and article structures between activities. So, the flow is coming back. 

But allow me also to reassure the troll who sent me a message asking me to give up on my activities. Of course, here is a little word of explanation for the decent numerous regular readers of my pages: I received some hate mail through the contact form of my blog. Some “brave” soul felt the need to communicate his views on my work...anonymously. And to be honest, this troll felt ‘familiar’. The tone this person used and some gut feeling tells me this person might be some acquaintance. Of course one can never be sure. But, never forget that the guts tell you things your brain hasn’t comprehended yet. 

Of course some of you will tell me: “trolling is part of the Internet”,  “Once you put something ‘out there’, you are always going to encounter criticism”, “You must ignore trolls. These are people who just do this for fun or to pass their time”, “Don’t be paranoid”, etc. Well of course I know all that. And don’t worry I didn’t lose any sleep. 

But just in case this anonymous admirer is some jealous nervous ghoul from the past, or in case you, my dear reader friend, have encountered some trolling yourself and felt bad about it. I feel I should just share my feeling as well. How to react when faced with trolling and ‘haters’? Well I just remember one of the greatest singers of all time, who said: “The Greatest revenge is massive success”. I just even make it better as “the greatest revenge, is massive happiness”. 




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20cent Mood Haters