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20CENT Style Cowboy opens a Saloon
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20CENT Style Cowboy opens a Saloon

You must have heard about Cowboy, a young Belgian start-up founded in 2017 that offers an electric bicycle for urban commuters. This April 26th, this young company opens a showroom in the heart of Brussels. The popup store will allow any interested visitor to discover the latest 2019 model of Cowboy

Obviously as a fervent bike user, I went for a visit and had the chance to also meet Adrien RooseCofounder of Cowboy


A new Saloon

The bike is at the centre

The first thing that struck me when I entered the showroom is the simplicity. You don’t see decorations everywhere; neither do you see tons of bike accessories on display. The bicycle is really placed at the centre and put in the spotlights. For Adrien Roose this choice is logical: « First of all, our ambition is to improve urban mobility thanks to electric bikes. So in the showroom, we focus on the bicycle. When we launched Cowboy, our vision was to build the most exciting urban bike. Our objective was to eliminate the three major hurdles consumers face when purchasing an electric bicycle: the price, the low quality and the lack of innovation.

The second element I could note in the store was the presence of tablets. Cowboy only sells online through their web portal. So these tablets will allow visitors to directly order their new bike. As sales take place without third parties, the chain is shorter to the end user and the price remains competitive. Furthermore, with this direct contact with the client (especially through the mobile app), Cowboy can offer a continuous service to its users. 

Fancy a test drive? 

But my conversation with Adrien quickly changed to a more practical approach. Instead of boasting about the work accomplished by the young start-up so far (like many start-up do), we quickly shifted to discuss about the bicycle itself: “so can I add accessories or bring modifications? What’s the tire pressure? How does the mobile app work etc…The most enjoyable part of my visit was the test ride in the Saloon! Yes you read correctly, I took the Cowboy for a spin in the Saloon itself. There is a circuit designed for you to test the bicycle. It runs over two floors so you can test the bike going up (which is essential if you want to know what this puppy can do). A brilliant concept if you ask me. 


A quick development and an international ambition

Founded in 2017 and selling for about a year, Cowboy already sold 1000 bicycles. This year with the launch of a new 2019 improved model, the company aims to sell ten times more units, and the international market opens up. Germany, France and the Netherlands will soon have Cowboys on their roads. When it comes to opening new showrooms or Saloons in other cities, nothing is set yet. But plans exist for Paris and Amsterdam but it is all a bit too soon to discuss about that. Let us not forget that this start-up is only two years old and only sells since last year. So everything will fall in place in due time. 

What more can I say except that I put the address of the Saloonbelow and that you can see a few pictures on the Facebook page of 20/CENT. Sincerely, if you look for a quick and efficient solution for your commute, the Cowboy and his Saloon are worth a visit. 






For those who want to visit the popup store of Cowboy:


Quai du Hainaut 19

B-1000 Bruxelles




Check out the pictures of 20/CENT’s visit to the Saloon on the Facebook @20CENTRetailhttps://www.facebook.com/pg/20CENTRetail/photos/?tab=albums



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