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Alibaba and Amazon launch their new physical store in Belgium

Alibaba and Amazon launch their new physical store in Belgium

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The two giants have announced almost simultaneously that their new brick and mortar concepts will open in Belgium. Both will use Belgium to launch their franchise and more openings will follow later over the rest of Europe. 


Sport and voice command

Amazon’s new concept will allow consumers to jog and shop at the same time. On a close circuit in a forest, shoppers will just need voice command to order to connected trees. At the end of their session, their order will wait for them or just be home delivered. The opening of the franchise the Amazonien Woods is foreseen this 1st of April. 


At Alibaba, the concept is almost similar combining sports with technologically equipped stores. Not far from Rochefort, the new franchise will allow shopper to practice yoga after placing their order. During each one-hour yoga class, the group foresees to prepare a minimum of 25 orders. This new fairyland is placed in a cave already well known in Han. 


Which concept will the shopper prefer? Only time will tell


Ps: for those without calendar, the spokesman of Alibaba pointed out that the new concept Alibaba’s cave can resist to the attacks of at least 40 thieves



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