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20CENT News

Here are a couple of news that caught my eye this week. 


Paraguay will be the partner country of Anuga

For a couple of years already, Anuga chooses to designate a partner country at each edition and this year Paraguay will enjoy that honour. By doing so, Paraguay becomes the first South American country to become the partner country of Anuga

For those wondering what the exhibitors will showcase, well don’t think too hard. Paraguay is a in the world’s top ten when it comes to production of soya, maize and beef. 

As a partnering country, Paraguay and its exhibitors will most likely enjoy more visitors and media focus. 


You will have to wait 2020 for Ecommerce Xpo Liège

The last couple of weeks I was wondering when would Ecommerce Xpo Liège start its media campaign. The website clearly indicated a date at the end of March 2019. It was a mystery. 

But all of a sudden, I saw on social media that “Ecommerce Xpo Kortrijk was launched”. So I went to check the website again and noticed that the event of Liège would only take place next year. So you will have to be patient. But like some of you I hope that this change of date will make the edition of 2020 livelier and more qualitative


Delhaize is moving

This is literally the case. Delhaize has decided to leave Molenbeek-Saint Jean and move its headquarters to Zellik. The site already had the logistics, supply, buying and quality service of the group. Now others will join such as Marketing, Human resources, IT, Corporate Affairs, Finance and more. 

The buildings and offices of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean will be put on sale. 




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