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My pick at ISM 2019
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My pick at ISM 2019

Of course as any other trade show, ISM is an opportunity to see some nice innovations and new products. Allow me to give you my thoughts about the winners of this year’s New Product Showcase at ISM, and also point out two ranges of products I discovered. 


Disappointing winners

The jury of the New Product Showcase picked its top three innovations. However I must say that this year’s winners didn’t amaze me. This year the winners were: 

  1. HPW with the Fruit Roll-up from Switzerland: in this case, I believe the jury rewarded the story more than the product itself. It’s made with the spirit of Fairtrade, but essentially this roll-up is not really an innovation to me. I have seen many similar products in the past editions of ISM or in other parts of the world. 
  2. Katjes Fassin GmbH & Co. KG with the Hemptastic Hemp Bar from Germany: I haven’t seen anyone trying to smoke one of these bars, but perhaps they should just be burnt or incinerated. I tried it and it is definitely not a taste I feel the world should have to experience. 
  3. Roelli Roelli Confectionery with Roelli Roelli Swiss Cannabis Gum from Switzerland: here also just because it’s with a trendy ingredient, it doesn’t mean it should be praised. Again not my cup of tea.  


I usually pick three but only two caught my eye

At any trade show I visit, I try to pick my top three of products that caught my eye. It can concern innovations, or existing ranges but with that little attractiveness in their concept. This year, I only found two that I believed to be worth mentioning.

Millesime chocolat 

The company already exists for a year and a half and has two ranges: the filled, and the black range. The differentiation point for this company is that they work with vintage cacao. Basically, you can compare this idea with the vintage in a wine or an olive oil. Cacao is also an ingredient that varies year on year due to the climate or other parameters. So the creator decided to work with this concept to create this highly premium chocolate concept. 

Chocolate coated macadamia at Maison Macolat

This is also a premium concept. The idea comes form a farmer (6thgeneration) who decided to combine the highest quality macadamia nut with the best high quality chocolate (so of course he took Belgian chocolate). Next to the high quality of the product, what struck me was the concept of associating a music to each flavour. (You should check out the pictures on my facebook page, even the booth showed the different mood and music for each flavour). 




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