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20CENT Mood looks in the review mirror

20CENT Mood looks in the review mirror

It’s the moment to take a look at what was 2018. A bit like everybody at this time of year, I gaze over my shoulder to see what have I accomplished with 20/CENT Retail, what were the highs, the lows and most of all, what can be learned from them. 


Many first times

“Testing, testing, 1-2-3, testing…”

Many bloggers or influencers if you prefer, are active on various social channels. Despite searching quite a lot about the subject, I couldn’t find a recipe that could give the perfect social media mix for an audience of retail professionals. 

So I did a lot of different tests and tried a few new outlets (e.g. Youtube, Google+…), as well as new content (e.g the introduction of branded content via 20/CENT Style). It does take a lot of time to be active on all fronts, but all this allowed me to learn quite a lot. I saw a steady increase of viewers and visitors, and I also grasp more knowledge about the channels and content I should focus on. 

Crossing more borders

In 2018 I didn’t only visit the classic unmissable trade fairs in the Benelux, Germany and France. I also managed to push my activities outside the classical geographic boundaries of 20/CENT: I had the pleasure to discover and visit my first ever trade show in Asia (Mihasin Kuala Lumpur), delivered a keynote in Paris (for the Club du Digital at the MPV Paris 2018), I also assisted a client to exhibit in a foreign country (the London Wine Fair), and a few more… 

Here again I noticed the visitors of these pages (and my social media channels) become more diversified and I could develop a more international audience. 


I can never say it enough

Last but not least, I have to mention that I am very grateful for this audience (yes I am talking to you directly). It never ceases to amaze me when I meet people on events, conferences, tradeshows, or field visits to hear the magic words “oh yes I know your blog”. I even start to get recognized at certain shows. But most importantly, I can tell my posts are appreciated.

So my dear audience, old friends, new friends, …thanks again for another year. Let’s turn the page of 2018 and I can’t wait to see what’s next. 



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