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20CENT visits Fresh Atelier the new concept of Delhaize

20CENT visits Fresh Atelier the new concept of Delhaize

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In the retail, the mighty retail
The lion is awake

In the retail, disrupted retail
The lion is awake


A-wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……..iiiiiiiiiiiii…….a-wimboé, …


All right, all right, I’ll stop singing (but I bet some of you have this song trotting in the head now). Actually all this is to announce that after launching their new supermarket concept, Delhaize now has launched a new store format: Fresh Atelier

In a statement, Xavier PiesvauxCEO of Delhaize said: « With this new format, Delhaize wishes to cater to the needs of consumers in urban areas. Our focus is to offer great service to our clients. After the opening of our new concept in Nivelles, and its integration to the Proxy Delhaize stores, Delhaize launches a third innovation. It is an example of instant retail where for the first time on-the go-consumption as well as physical and online grocery shopping are gathered. With this on-the-go drive, we are launching a true innovation. You all have noticed that retail is rapidly changing, and Delhaize wants to take the lead in this revolution. 


A beehive

Obviously such launch was not going to be unnoticed. So I had to jump on my bicycle to go and have a look at this new concept in the heart of Brussels. I visited on the first day of opening, and I could notice how busy the store was. Clients were going in and out rapidly. It seems logical since customers today demand easy and fast on-the-go solutions, and Fresh Atelier is playing right in that alley. 

Fresh and fast

For those who remember, Delhaize opened a Fresh Atelier at first in their new concept of Nivelles. Here it is the heart of the new format. Clients can obtain freshly made products and preparations. One can find solutions for every moment of the day: breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a quick bite. The store offers sushi’s, juices, freshly made smoothies, salads, soups, warm meals and snacks. What you buy in the store is definitely going to be consumed immediately or within the next two to three hours. 

Coffee to go

Next to the counter, I also noticed an impressive coffee corner. The machines look as if they could be launched into space, and the coffee itself is of course Fairtrade and developed for Delhaize.

A drive or collect point if you prefer

Last but not least, the new format is a place where customers can collect their groceries ordered online. So instore, you have access to about 1500 references, but thanks to the Delhaize.beonline platform, you get to access 14000 references. A customer just needs to place his order online, and his groceries will wait for him the next day at the collection point.  

With this new format, Delhaize clearly targets urban consumers and customers who want to pick up their groceries right after work or at the end of the day. 

Future developments

Delhaize truly believes in Fresh Atelier. A second store will open its doors in Leuven before the end of the year. I also heard that the group sees potential for development in the different major cities of the country and about 200 stores could be opened over the next years. But the retailer admits that still a lot needs to be learned from consumers and thanks to monitoring the new format, some changes or improvements could be made to the new concept. 


My 20/CENT on Fresh Atelier

Delhaize has been for a long time one the three major players of Belgium’s retail landscape. However, in the last couple of years, it felt to attract my attention. But as mentioned very musically at the beginning of this article, I feel that the lion decided to wake up. A new concept for its supermarket was already a good start, but now the launch of a new format is impressive. 

And I predict good things for this new Fresh Atelier, mainly for two reasons. Firstly, I could notice already on the first day that the shop was a true beehive. It was functioning very efficiently and attracted a pretty good crowd. Secondly, I find this new concept to be quite trendy. The setting, the tiles, the decorations… many elements are spot on and make this Fresh Atelier a pleasant stop in the daily urban life. 





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