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20CENT Mood I welcome you

20CENT Mood I welcome you

20/CENT Mood : I welcome you and your friends Brands

September came and along with it, a hectic agenda. As if my schedule wasn’t full enough, at some point during my travels I caught a cold that later turned into a virus. After struggling with health, I had to put writing (and other stuff) on hold and take a rest. Apparently my body tries to tell me I am not a twenty year old anymore. Although I believe that it should listen to my brain that still acts like a five year old sometimes. How inconvenient don’t you think? 


Brands are welcome

Anyway, I am back at writing and can implement a few of the points and to do’s I had on my planning this year. In this piece of 20/CENT Mood, I wish to reveal a special launch I was planning for quite some time. So allow me to announce that from now on (drumroll please): Brands are welcome on these pages.

Well they have always been welcome, but let’s not forget that these pages are aimed at professionals of the retail world like me. So I never wanted to write anything like a classic “food or lifestyle blogger”. On one hand, there are already many of these around (some might say too many). And on the other hand I didn’t want to go and start writing about every new product or innovation in retail. There are already solutions existing for brands seeking exposure for their product launches (and for those who know my background I could just say “been there, done that”). 


A special column: 20/CENT Style

In the past I did mention brands when I received what I deemed relevant information or a study, and I did have a few tries at some specific brand stories this year. But today is the launch of 20/CENT Style, a new column, which like the familiar 20/CENT Mood is going to be regular from now on. My aim is not to talk about any innovation, any novelty or any press release that will land in my mailbox. The idea is more to focus on innovations I found at trade show (and as you know I do visit quite a few during the year), or tell stories from brands or products that caught my eye. 

Obviously as the number of readers of these pages is increasing and the audience is quite targeted I do receive a lot of requests. If any article will be a sponsored piece I will clearly state so (I am human an have bills to pay too, so I will be open to partnerships). But know that not all articles are sponsored and I will follow the upcoming advised rules for influencers by the Conseil de la Publicité.  

In terms of content, 20/CENT Style will not just focus on food. The topics can vary and will welcome lifestyle, travel, accessories, stores or restaurants with a nice concept. I guess the easiest for you is to go and read the articles coming up. 


So to conclude, thanks again for reading, I hope you will enjoy the new column and I will write to you soon. 







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