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Which trends affect wine retail channels?

Which trends affect wine retail channels?

These days, trade fairs organisers often ask a third party to help illustrate the latest trends to support a particular event. That’s what the organisers of ProWein did. They commissioned Wine Intelligence to take a closer look at the trends emerging in wine retail channels.


The scope of the study

For this study, Wine Intelligence used existing published data as well as its own database.

The scope of the report involved eight markets: US, Germany, the UK, Japan, Australia, France, Spain and Italy. All together these markets represent a meaningful cross-section of the world wine market. Indeed:

  • US is the largest market for wine
  • Germany is #1 when it comes to imported wine volumes; United Kingdom is #2 in that classification
  • Australia and Japan see a growth in wine volume
  • France, Italy and Spain, though in a long-term decline phase, are still experiencing huge sales volumes

Between them, these eight markets account for over 12 billion litres of wine consumed in 2013 (source: IWSR), or around 50% of the approximately 24 billion litres of wine consumed globally (source: OIV).


Three major trends highlighted in the report of Wine Intelligence

Obviously, consumers are creatures of habits, and current major retailers still hold the best positions in the market. Therefore, changes don’t occur in radical cataclysmic proportions. However, Wine Intelligence managed to highlight three major trends

Convenience is clear

Consumers tend to do their groceries more often, in less quantity, and including wine in this behaviour. Some reasons for this trend are well known: increasing urbanisation of population, falling car ownership and car usage levels in some markets

Online is also changing the consumer’s habits

Is this a surprise? Online is affecting all categories it seems, and wine and spirits is one of them. Just to name a few : direct-to-home, online-based shopping models, “click-and-collect”,…

Consolidation remains a strong trend 

Meaning, the displacement and /or acquisition of owner operator and small chain wine retailers by national, or trans-national chains, often supermarkets.


How does it affect your business?

Retailers have to face the changing habits of their shoppers and play the convenience card as well as the online one. So for brand owners and producers you need to focus on

  • A smaller ranges of wines, with strong brands: products helping quick and low-involvement purchase decision, easily recognised…
  • Communicating broader and larger information: so focus on the story, the provenance of your products



More about Prowein : www.prowein.com

More about Wine Intelligence http://www.wineintelligence.com

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