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The blog 20/CENT RETAIL
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The blog 20/CENT RETAIL

People call me the Retail Influencer. Personally, I am not a big fan of the influencer word as I am not here to command my readers. But the name derives from the fact that 20/CENT RETAIL functions like a blog and it is where I share with you my latest findings, but also my opinions on what’s happening in retail. 

On the pages of www.20centretail.com you will discover my visits to tradeshows, to different stores, and also some interesting products or concepts that caught my attention. 

The different stories and articles on 20/CENT RETAIL seem to fascinate retail professionals and those simply interested in consumer and business news. And to those 2000 monthly unique visitors*, I can’t say thank you enough.

6 minutes and 42 seconds: That’s the average length of a visit on 20/CENT RETAIL. I am quite surprised by that duration. But I guess you guys like to read my articles in full. Thanks for that!



* October 2020

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