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From now on a default zero sugar level on hot drink machines

From now on a default zero sugar level on hot drink machines

The European Vending Machine Manufacturers Association (EVMMA), a group within the EVA (European Vending & Coffee Service Association) representing 20 machine manufacturers, unanimously decided at its last meeting to set a zero-sugar level on hot drinks machines as standard.

So it means that when you order a coffee at a machine, the configuration will give you by default no added sugar, unless you make a specific request. Consumers will no longer have to take action at a hot drinks machine to actually remove the sugar option if it is not desired. 

Basically, it should help to stop unintentional sugar intake. But note that this action is from machine manufacturers and does not cover vending machine operators, who after purchasing the machine could eventually amend its setup. Also consumers can always add sugar if they prefer. 

To remind you all, the EVA is a founding member of the EU Platform for Diet, Physical Activity and Health, and it has been promoting for years a more diverse offering in snack vending machines,


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