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Mihas 2018 a few concepts

Mihas 2018 a few concepts

So what’ the point of going to a tradeshow if it’s not to learn about the industry it covers, notice new trends, or pick up a few ideas. Well as usual, allow me to present you very briefly a few items that caught my eye during my visit at MIHAS 2018.


  • A lot of companies are working on very unrelated products: I was surprised to notice that many companies among the exhibitors were active over different categories, which seem totally unrelated. For example, on one booth I received via the same marketing person information about the different products of the company:  makeup, hair styling products, lemonades, baby food, baby cosmetics, and protein supplements for fitness aficionados
  • Mixing honey in coffee: many exhibitors presented their coffee brands as Malaysia and Indonesia produce lots of coffee. But I noticed that many showcased as an innovation, the fact of brewing coffee with a touch of honey. 
  • Aladdinstreet.com: even for the halal products, you need a specific market place. The company Aladdinstreet.com was proud to announce that all the products available on their market place are verified and certified. The responsible explained this was a double guarantee in a way for both customers and merchants. 
  • Belgium understands the potential of the Halal market: as mentioned in my previous article, Belgium was the only non-Asian country with a pavilion at the show. It seems that my fellow countrymen understand that the industry does offer a great business opportunity. Of course typical Belgian products were represented, such as fries, quality meat and waffles. 
  • Halal wines by Le Petit Béret et Pristin Sellier: a French manufacturer Le Petit Béret and a Belgian brand Pristin Sellier demonstrated that halal wine does exist. Now I already hear the comments that some brands exist already. However, in the case of these two mentioned companies the emphasis was placed on the fact that no fermentation occurs in the production process (fermentation is strictly forbidden in the halal industry). So the wines presented were different than the wines you might think off which are usually wines of which the alcohol was taken out or which knew an extremely limited fermentation and present a 0,00 something percentage of alcohol. In the case of the exhibitors here, you had truly halal, 0% alcohol wines. And I can tell you that in terms of taste, the products are interesting and enjoyable. 




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