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The « Salon de l’Alimentation »: remodelled, reinvented?…No, simply back to its true self

The « Salon de l’Alimentation »: remodelled, reinvented?…No, simply back to its true self

At first, it’s a history

When I was a kid, the month of October was always a bit special. It was often the moment to take the scarves, gloves and woollen hats back out of the closet; but it was also the period when my parents would take my brothers and I to the “Salon de l’Alimentation”. It was such great fun, that we’d sometimes visit the fair two to three times as this big food feast lasted for fifteen days. Waffles, pop-up restaurants, marching bands, …pure joy. Of course, growing up and with professional activities taking over, visiting the event was no longer one of my priorities. Furthermore, my parents who still attended on a yearly basis told me “it wasn’t like before anymore”. In the recent years, I did go out of curiosity and had to agree with my parents seeing unmotivated and even grumpy exhibitors.

However, last year I thought to myself this event still has so much potential. And also, certain elements I saw kind of reminded me of the good old times; as if there was something in the air. This feeling was confirmed when I met the people of FISA, the organisers of the event, who presented me their plans for this year. And it was good to see such a spirit brought back to this 86-year-old “Salon de l’Alimentation”.


New opportunities for brands and for local products

First, FISA has decided to revise all plans for A-brands and manufacturers. A new specified and dedicated space has been designed for them in the Patio. And their presence will only be felt one week, so half of the duration of the fair. The second week, after an ultra-quick remodelling, that same Patio will be dedicated to “organic and local” products. So this event is shorter for you my branded readers, and the strain on your resources is not as high as in the past editions.

Secondly, a presence on the event is a great way to mix your brand with other professionals of the food sector (chefs, cooks, craftsmen…) and do some benchmarking.

Finally, and according to me this is a great argument to exhibit; you get to meet a panel of 130.000 visitors. This audience is motivated to discover and try new food, and also is very diverse (all ages, all types…). So you have a great public to test new products or do good old-fashioned selling.  All depends on the approach, and the execution, you will define for yourself. Just this number of visitors is a great argument in my eyes.


A treat for the senses and the Feel Good Planet still present

As any other good fair, the Salon de l’Alimentation will be completed by several animations. Here to name a few:

  • Restaurant street: all around Hall 5, visitors will be able to discover the trendy restaurants of the moment
  • Aspirant Baker: the competition between bakers is back, and this year with a new competition dedicated to marzipan.
  • « Sam-bar » !, a Brazilian bar (Hall 4): It’s trendy, it attracts crowds and in the middle of October why not enjoy a nice exotic cocktail. It’s already done on many Christmas markets, so why not?
  • The school’s “Pop-up”: schools are invited to showcase the talents of future chefs.
  • Feel Good Planet: The Salon de l’Alimentation also includes spaces dedicated to hairdressing and bio aesthetics.


My 20/Cent for this future edition

Looking at FISA’s plans, I am too tempted and must make a note of the event in my agenda. My feelings of last year are confirmed, and the plans are aligned with the trends of our food industry. Clearly, as a brand or manufacturer, you will have the opportunity to meet and satisfy your consumers, even build a relationship with them for life. I can tell you out of personal experience; I still buy the same brand of waffles I discovered all those years ago, on an event in the middle of October.



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