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20CENT Mood If you want to be successful sometimes you need to disappear for a while
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20CENT Mood If you want to be successful sometimes you need to disappear for a while

I am a YouTuber folks

This saying, “If you want to be successful, you have to be ready to disappear for a while” is often seen on motivational blogs or websites. But disappear for a while? No I didn’t vanish. It is true that I haven’t been writing everyday lately, but I was still working and still visiting the retail fields as well as interesting tradeshows. I was actually busy with the daily activities, such as visiting Prowein, Infosecurity, Horecatel …just to name a few examples, and I also worked on new ideas and features for 20/CENT Retail. And I decided that the normal flow of these pages is good, the structure is well appreciated, but I could still improve a few things. Also I receive regularly suggestions from readers and followers, and these lead me to introduce two new concepts.

First, I can announce that you can follow my adventures also on YouTube from now on. I started posting on popular demand and it will allow you all to see what happens on tradeshows or events that I visit. Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, well I hope you all will enjoy.


20/CENT Style

Also, you are all familiar with 20/CENT Mood (what’s going on for me, my opinion or mood of the moment). But now you can prepare yourself for 20/CENT Style. In this new feature I’ll present concepts, brands and their story, tips, travel or more lifestyle topics. The general flow of the blog still will remain mostly retail oriented, with a big part on tradeshows. But I received more and more requests from readers to also feature something lighter, and about lifestyle. So 20/CENT Style came to life, and we’ll see where it leads us.


You can be sure I will continue to listen to your suggestions and requests. But stay patient sometimes, don’t forget 20/CENT Retail is a lot of work for one man only. But at least this structure is there and evolves positively everyday. So again, thanks for your continuous support and the fact the followers keep coming and bringing new friends.




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