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Closing report for China VMF 2018

Closing report for China VMF 2018

The organizers of the vending oriented trade show China VMFhave presented their final report after the 2018 edition. 


In numbers 

  • 2014: 
    • 24 exhibitors
    • 6000+ visitors
  • 2015: 
    • 48+ exhibitors
    • 8000+ visitors
  • 2016: 
    • 80 exhibitors
    • 12000+ visitors
  • 2017: 
    • 230+ exhibitors
    • 21000+ visitors
  • 2018: 
    • 300+ exhibitors
    • 30000+ visitors

So we can see that the show is rapidly growing in numbers. 


Main trends

Also four main trends could be noticed according to the interest of visitors and when scrutinizing the offer from exhibitors

  • Unmanned stores: a promising sector in the rising New Retail trend
  • Self-service parcel pickup machines: a new service spawned by the online shopping boom 
  • Mini vending machines: sprouting up in buses, hotel rooms etc. for more efficient use of space
  • Hot meals Vending machines: projected to be widely deployed in business parks. 


Next to growing numbers, the organizers also hosted the 5thAsia-Pacific Vending Industry Summit with different international speakers and attendees. So all in all it seems that show is maturing every year. 




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