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ISM 2018 sweet salty and to the point

ISM 2018 sweet salty and to the point

A classic start to the year

As usual my planning this year is filled with trade shows and I started this year’s visiting schedule with the ISM in Cologne. 

The day started with a one-hour delay as the trains did experience difficulties that day. Never mind, walking from the main station of Cologne to the Koelnmesse took the stress away. And my visit afterwards was a very pleasant one. There are two main reasons for that: 

Firstly, ISM was a good vintage in terms of variety of exhibitors and I did find some interesting new concepts. Maybe not ground breaking innovations, but many manufacturers managed to introduce and present products with new different flavor combinations, technical improvements or picked up on new trends (such as protein diet just to name an example). 

Secondly, the exhibition floor was extremely easy to read. The different areas were very well defined and it was easy to move around (despite the crowds). A trade show well designed makes a visitor’s day significantly more efficient. So thanks for that dear organization team. 


My 20/CENT on the elements of the show you should have seen

Different animations, nice country pavilions, and special events, this year’s ISM had enough for every visitor’s taste. Here are three different items that caught my attention:

  • The Design Packaging by schools: for several years now, students of a design school are presented with a concept and have to imagine the sweets and snacks according to the case. This year’s theme could be summarized as “aliens and robots from outer space attacked and conquered the Earth, what kind of candy will we eat then?” A bit of a wacky theme but it was interesting to see the creations. The best one for me was one that could even be used today. The concept was an app to take a picture of yourself eating candy and share it to your friends. However, the app would alter the image and present you eating an apple or another fruit so you’d look good and healthy to your friends and overlords. As I said, I know people who could use this today. (For that photo, go on my Facebook page and check the ISM 2018 album). 
  • The Belgian presence: of course Germany could count on the biggest amount of exhibitors. But I believe it’s important to point out that Belgium was the second biggest exhibiting country at the show, tied with Italy. Yes my dear Italian friends, it’s a tie because I don’t count the office of the Koelnmesse in Italy as an exhibitor. Nice try and better luck next year ;-)
  • The new showcase: new presentation layout and a special location, the new product showcase was definitely a sight to see. The products presented there were a good representation of the different trends of the market. And it was not far from the area where Innova Market Insights presented the industry trends.  So good from the organization to put ‘theory’ and ‘practice’ together. 


In terms of general atmosphere, the exhibitors were positive and optimistic. So the show seemed successful, for many.

All in all, ISM 2018 was definitely worth a visit. You can already put the dates of next year in your agenda from 27th till 30th of January 2019. 


Till next time folks. 



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