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A glance at the upcoming China VMF 2018
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A glance at the upcoming China VMF 2018

On a recent trip to Asia during a discussion, different professionals of the food and beverage industry in Malaysia reaffirmed to me that they see China as a very important target market. On top of that many of you know that I find the vending market to be underestimated sometimes. So it’s only logical that I try to attract your attention with these few lines about the upcoming China VMF.

The press conference to preview the tradeshow back in October gathered up to 400 industry leaders from renowned enterprises, trade associations, professional media, government apartments, and many more. And on top the organizers of the show have concluded partnerships with over 70 worldwide professional media and associations, such as the Australian Vending Association (AVA), the Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association (JVMA), the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), and many more. So it seems many efforts are made to make the show a success, and many of the industry leading players are supporting the China VMF.


A few facts

During the press conference, many commented on the opportunities offered by the Vending market in China. Here are a few of the most striking facts:

  • According to a vending industry report of Kantar, by 2020 the installed base of vending machines in China should reach 1.38 million, which means that compared to 2015 it is a multiplication by eight.
  • The integration between mobile payment and vending machines is an irresistible trend;
  • Within the next 3-5 years, vending machines would be seen in more buying scenarios such as cinemas, apartment buildings, etc.
  • A richer variety of items will also be found in the machines with for example: daily supplies, OTC drugs, stationary, etc.


A few of the upcoming highlights at China VMF

Here are some of the highlights you can expect at the trade fair:

  • An Estimated 300+ Leading Brands: so far, dozens of old and new esteemed exhibitors have reserved or confirmed their booths, such as TKB, CPI, Fuji Electric, Easy Touch, UBox, Joie Ubique, HOLO go, Dongji, Convenisun, Hongchi Intelligent, Yinhai Star, Zhouyi, Yo!Point, etc.
  • Expanded Exhibition Scope: to present a more comprehensive industry chain to visitors, gift vending machine will be newly added to the exhibit range, and payment system and mobile payment will also be a new focus for the show.
  • Eye-catching Concurrent Activities: greater networking opportunities will be engendered by a series of on-site activities such as APVA Vending Industry Summit, New Retail Forum, New Product Release, Cocktail Party, etc.


So it seems that beginning of March if you are into learning, networking or doing business in the vending industry in China, the show deserves a place in your agenda.




China VMF 2018, from 4th till 6th of March 2018, China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China, http://www.chinavmf.com


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