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20CENT Mood Best Wishes

20CENT Mood Best Wishes

Best Wishes

It’s not too late so let me start with wishing all the best for the New Year. (Technically I am not too late as you can send your wishes till the 31st of January).

Well, it has been a while but am glad to be back at writing on these pages and the good news is that I am back with more time, more gusto and more ideas than in 2017. Last year was a bit hectic on personal and professional front. So I rearranged my activities and priorities. This blogger/influencer activity being a priority I will make sure you read, hear and even see more of me in the future.


So what’s cooking?

Classics and new items

Of course I will pick up the pen and keyboard to cook the same successful recipes. So obviously you will get to read about previews of coming events, and some articles about what caught my attention during my visits.

But I will also sometimes concentrate a bit more on concepts. I found out that many of you ask me to take a look at concept stores, POS innovations, new tech and many more. So I will surely pay attention to those requests and who knows what new items might come up.

Looking forward to

Finally, I am looking forward to further develop certain partnership. Different websites asked me to be a guest writer last year and those partnerships have been renewed. The good news is that even more partnerships could arise in this new year.

On top of that some of you will hopefully appreciate me on stage. That’s right, I will get out there and share some knowledge and opinions on a few events. For sure I will let you know more very soon about this.

So 2018, here we go!



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