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20CENT A look in the review mirror

20CENT A look in the review mirror

A bit of a hectic year

Family first

Some might say that running an agency, keeping a blog/influencer activity and doing ad hoc projects, is actually having too much on one’s plate. Well it all depends on how you run your agenda. It is possible to do all at once, as doing several activities as such requires just good timing skills. But it can become very different when life catches you again. A big loss in my family took place, that’s life and I hope he is in a better place. That of course reshuffled my plans as family comes first. But it also helped me to view clearer in my priorities.

What pleased me to hear is that several readers and partners felt it didn’t affect my work or these pages (although in my mind the writing did take a step back).


Well in terms of tradeshows I was happy to see some events confirming their places. Paris Retail Week, Silmo, Euroshop, dmexco, were a few of the different shows I expected to maintain or increase their level and they didn’t disappoint me. Other shows such as Ecommerce Xpo or Horeca Show confirmed their very local focus and effectiveness.

On top of that Anuga was definitely a highlight. It always is, of course. But as mentioned previously it was a very good vintage with interesting innovations and as importantly, fun moments.

Happy of some achievements

At the beginning of the year, I wanted to visit at least 20 shows. At the end I am very pleased I achieved more with 25 events visited.

I am also very happy to have attended my first show in the United Kingdom. Discovering Food Matters was an interesting and fruitful experience. And I can already announce to you that I plan more visits to the UK next year. So this way I really manage to cover the neighboring countries of my native Belgium.

Environmental friendly

Finally I am very pleased that I managed to visit events without being motorized. Public transport and mostly trains have become my preferred mode of transportation. On top of that, I managed to visit events in Brussels by bicycle. Yes, I found out that Brussels Expo is easily reached by cycling and it is the case for other locations in the Capital of Europe.


A good year

So it was a hectic year sometimes, but also a fruitful one. Surely next year, we will cross each other again on various events, and I look forward to make even more discoveries.

Till then, continue to enjoy the retail world!.


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