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Horeca Show Liège is very local and pleasant

Horeca Show Liège is very local and pleasant

Horeca Show in Liège took place recently. Now this show was unknown to me, but the name popped up a bit more in the last two years among my different contacts. So I decided to go and have a look.

Obviously the trade fair was taking place in Liège at the Halle des Foires de Liège which is not a place oozing of glamour, but it is functional and the parking is along a lovely stretch of the Meuse.

When I arrived I noticed it was quiet, but people were busy. The concept of the show aims to attract the professionals and responsible of the local hotels, restaurants and catering businesses of the region. Despite its quiet look, this 2017 edition did attract 9810 visitors. And to be honest one thing that struck me was that I didn’t have the feeling it was a place visited by tourists only looking to sample the local breweries or alcohol exhibitors present. On the contrary, the atmosphere was pretty professional.

The layout of the fairground is forcing you to make a tour and pass in front all the booths. So in terms of categorization of exhibitors it is not necessarily extremely well defined. However it forces you to see everything.  And the offer of exhibitors is a pretty varied one.

At the exit of the show, a visitor even could enjoy complimentary fries from one of the exhibitors. The sun being also present, I did enjoy these and the view, while reviewing my notes about the show on a bench along the Meuse.

So all in all, I would say that this Horeca Show is a very local fair and only interesting for people of the region, but it is also a very pleasant and professional event.




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