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20CENT Mood Busy weeks ahead

20CENT Mood Busy weeks ahead

20/CENT Mood: Are you ready for September?


The summer seemed very quiet on these pages but as mentioned in a previous post I was planning a very busy second semester and did a few interesting side jobs. For those who missed it I invite you to read again the contributions I made for different blogs (the blog of Paris Retail Week and the blog du Marketeur). Next to those different articles (which required some research and interviews), I also prepared for what’s coming: a very interesting series of upcoming events in the retail industry.

Yes I tell you often that there are many nice unmissable upcoming events and that you should be prepared. However, there is this issue I often notice, and many of my contacts share the same problem with me: being with your nose in your steering wheel so concentrated that you will miss certain opportunities or even be totally overwhelmed. As a result, you cancel visits, or just don’t do them properly, or even worse don’t do any follow-up. In other words, you just don’t get the full potential you could have had.

If you intend to visit a few events in the coming weeks don’t forget your visit is not just about the time you allocate in your agenda. It is also about your preparation, your execution, and your follow-up. Just remember that if you want to get something out of your trade fair visits you will be wise to

  • Prepare: plan the trip, settle all the operational things in advance (e.g. registration) but also send meeting invitations, spot your ‘must see’ on the plan…
  • Execute: at the event do not deviate from what you had planned and don’t waste time,
  • Follow-up: allocate time to follow the contacts you made, use Linkedin invites, send/exchange your presentations via email as agreed…and do it as quickly as possible after the trade show.

So believe me you will need thorough preparation and good planning in the coming weeks. Each of these tasks mentioned above will require time in your agenda next to your daily activities. And if you ask me just in September and October you’ll be distracted with a few good shows. Just to give you a few of my favorites (and planned visits), you should check out: dmexco, Paris Retail Week, Gourmet Selection, the SILMO and of course Anuga.



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