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A first glance at Anuga 2017

A first glance at Anuga 2017

On a very sunny and warm June day, the Koelnmesse team invited Belgian journalists and influencers to present the next Anuga. I would not have missed this opportunity for the world. As I mentioned before, Anuga is one of my favorite trade fairs, and also the first one I visited as a professional many years ago. Well let’s discover what the 34th edition will have in store for us.


Anuga is one of Koelnmesse's flagships

A wide food and beverage portfolio

The main part of the conference was a very structured and informative presentation by Dietmar Eiden, Vice President Trade Fair Management Koelnmesse GmbH. He started to remind us all that Anuga is definitely one of Koelnmesse’s flagships. The presentation was also an opportunity to take a deep look at what makes Anuga a successful event for so many years already.

In terms of the number of exhibitors and exhibition space, it is the largest and perhaps most internationally well-known trade fair in the Koelnmesse portfolio. Actually for the food and beverage sector, the portfolio of the group encompasses 20 members. Indeed Koelnmesse not only organizes food trade fairs in Cologne, Germany, but also in other countries such as Brazil, China, India, Italy, Japan, Colombia, Thailand, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

The core DNA of Anuga

Let’s have a look at the different DNA strings of the event. First Anuga is big, massive, and very complete in terms of offer. This year again, the entire fair grounds in Cologne, which after all are one of the largest in the world, will again be fully covered. Four months before Anuga 2017, the trade fair is as good as fully-booked. Only a few small areas are still available. The concept of “10 trade shows under one roof”, introduced in 2013, is of course again on the menu. So visitors will be able to see for example: Anuga Fine Food, Anuga Dairy, Anuga Frozen Food or the new Anuga Hot Beverages just to name a few.

Another core element of Anuga’s DNA is the quality of its visitors. Of course you’ll say that being one of them I’ll mention the quality of the visitors. But sincerely, the numbers show that visitors are top decision- makers from all important chain stores from Germany, Europe and overseas and also from institutional food service (the operators of hospital kitchens, company restaurants, school and university canteens).

Finally, I’d point out the venue as a strong element of Anuga. The Koelnmesse fair grounds are well designed, it’s easy to orientate yourself, and the boulevard is really a speedway for you to get from one point to another. The only thing maybe is that the amount of smokers on the Plazza makes it sometimes difficult to breathe fresh air. But that is usually due to the lack of wind sometimes, and nobody can control the wind.

Some highlights and the new E-Grocery Congress

I’ll definitely write a more classic 20/CENT Retail preview about the show. But from the press conference I could gather that some of the usual main features of the trade fair are put in place and planned. For example, the Anuga Trend Zone and the Anuga Taste Innovation Show are again on the program.

On top of those the Innovation Food Conference - ifood 2017 - is being held for the second time. And finally, the theme of ecommerce will also be at the center of attention thanks to the E-Grocery Congress@Anuga 2017. The purpose of this congress is to offer decision-makers from the trade and industry

the opportunity to get to know the various forms and goals of digital strategies and check to see if they are implementable within one's own company.


A wise final word

To conclude the presentation of the day, Mr. Dietmar Eiden shared a vision of the importance of seeking dialogue: “The direct dialogue between people retains its great significance also in the era of the growing relevance of online and social media instruments. This particularly applies in the B2B communication and also particularly for export-oriented companies. This is also why we are seeking the dialogue with you today. Trade fairs bring people and markets together. Like Anuga: It covers the world market of food in one place at one time.

With its diversity and internationality it builds bridges between nations, between the East and West, North and South.”

Well I couldn’t agree more that direct dialogue is still incredibly important today, and trade fairs are fantastic tools and meeting places for professionals. That final thought was a really good conclusion to a very well structured conference if you ask me.

My visit is already planned. In the coming weeks I’ll write again about the show, and you will definitely be able to read about my visit. Hope to see you there.



Ps : Do you know what Anuga stands for? It’s actually short for: "Allgemeine Nahrungs- und Genussmittel- Ausstellung" (General Exhibition for Food and Beverages).

Ps2: I hope you reserved your accommodation already if you don’t want to stay far from the exhibition center.



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Anuga, from 7th till 10th of October 2017, Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany, www.anuga.com


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