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20CENT Mood Still Here
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20CENT Mood Still Here

Still here

The past few weeks seemed calm on these pages. You might have wondered why? Could this mean the end of 20/CENT Retail?  It wouldn’t be the first time a blog stops due to the lack of time or discipline of its author.

Actually the reality is very simple. I have been busy with many different things. On the professional side, some projects have started to experience pretty good development requiring a bit of my attention (Yes I do other stuff than writing here). But also life did give me a few surprises. Some good, some inevitable, and some were shockingly very sad…but hey, that’s life.

And now I am here! So don’t worry, this inactivity didn’t mean that 20/CENT Retail is actually dying and will simply fade away in the abyss with other websites, and blogs. No, I was simply working on other projects, and of course still working on this blog. Yes I did work on this blog!. I crossed some of you during a few visits and (re)discovered some trade shows in the past weeks and months. I also read many interesting reports, and even wrote for other blogs. But here I simply didn’t publish much. And that is not due to just lack of time. It is also because I was wondering where to take you in the future. So I went back into my cave, I mean my office in my house. It is not as cool as Batman’s cave but I got a couch and the kitchen is not far to get coffee. Anyway, I reflected a lot, imagined new articles, did some tests, did some new drawings as well, and all that to improve and standardize 20/CENT Retail’s format.

I won’t tell you all changes in details now, as I prefer to let you discover the new articles, the monetization system, the splash on social media and other surprises as they come along. Right now, with this article, I just wanted to say “Hi, I am still here”.

So I can assure you that there are a lot of articles still to be published, and you have not heard or read the last of me yet!



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