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Inspiration and a birthday cake at the Smarter Selling event

Inspiration and a birthday cake at the Smarter Selling event

20 Years of existence

The inspirational angle

It’s not customary but I attended an event, which falls in the category of ‘company events’. So not the usual stuff I share on these pages, but as mentioned in my preview of this Smarter Selling Event by KreasalesCPM, I had a curious mind and (high) hopes for this outing.

To kick-start the presentations Joeri Perneel, Managing Director of KreasalesCPM, of course mentioned the 20 years anniversary of the Kreasales orgaisation. But he also insisted that despite the huge impact that technology had on sales activities, the human would never be replaced. Indeed, not every disruption in the market should be seen as a threat, and many actually offer opportunities. The rise of technology in sales actually can have a positive impact on the way sales activities function.

Pragmatism and a final touch of inspiration again

Bert Paesbrugghe, researcher at the Vlerick Business School, the second speaker of the day came in with lots of examples of how technology came into our lives and influenced sales activities. Basically many are talking about Big Data. Obviously the basic Nielsen numbers, the barcodes, the loyalty cards are all good examples of sources to collect Big Data. But on top of that we can mention other examples to collect this data, for example: nowadays retailers can count on cameras to monitor the traffic in the point of sales; with the same cameras facial recognition can be used to adapt advertisement on the POS, and Wi-Fi can also be used to track the movements of customers…

But of course, it is important not just to merely collect a huge amount of data. It is also imperative to control the collected data, organize and analyze it to eventually use it in machines that can use it for predictive methods.

To continue the day, Filip Muyllaert browsed a little bit on Artificial Intelligence and how it will help to understand the black box that is the sales process. However, he also is convinced that machines and AI will never replace humans totally.

Finally, Dirk Gaudeus, Innovation Coach at Living Tomorrow, concluded the day with a few more examples about the impact of technology, used a dancing robot and closed the circle of presentations with the same conclusion as all other speakers, but with a little inspirational warning: the human will never be replaced. But, if you want to continue to exist in the future, you need to reinvent yourself.


My 20/CENT on this Smarter Selling event

It was not the conventional company event I expected. The presentations were not highly technical, but of course such a vast topic cannot be covered in a couple of hours. However, I appreciated the logical flow of the presentations and their inspirational angle. Also, for a company event, it was nice to see it was not a self-centered event where the organizer tried to make its organization look extremely good. On the contrary it was a very human event during one could feel the pleasant atmosphere that seems to reign in the organization.

On a personal note, I was pleased to go to an event with my bicycle. However, it was a challenge to cycle back with the goodie box.



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