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Successful first edition of E CommerceXpo Liège

Successful first edition of E CommerceXpo Liège

The E-Commerce Xpo of Kortrijk was launching a satellite in Liège recently and of course I wouldn’t miss this. After the successful events that took place in Kortrijk, I was curious to see if Liège was also going to be a success story.

Upon my arrival I could see that it would be a crowd-pleaser as the parking was full. Nevertheless, the sun was shining to welcome the arrival of this new ecommerce event in the city of Liège, and who wouldn’t fancy a stroll along the Meuse to reach his destination. Inside the walls of Liège Expo, the crowd matched the amount of vehicles parked outside and even more. The hallways were packed, and so were the booths and seminars.

A quick chat with a pleased Patricia Huyghelier, the Exhibition Manager of the event, confirmed the positive start: “Yes, we are extremely enthusiastic about the concept and this new satellite. We brought the same successful ingredients as we used in Kortrijk, and so far we can see that the aisles are still filled with continuous flow of visitors. The choice of Liège for another event is justified by the success of E-Commerce Xpo in Kortrijk, and also the potential of the region of Liège; especially with the amount of companies and the airport nearby.

In my opinion, the ingredients such as the very practical seminar topics, the free catering or the simple 'similar booth concept' for all exhibitors are indeed the main success factors of the show. But the one that caught my eye in Liège was the presence of the students giving crash courses in e-commerce. If you registered in advance, you could get the help of these students to comprehend the various models and services present at the event. So an entrepreneur/visitor could basically come to the show with a rough idea to launch an e-commerce business, and then shop for all the solution he needs with the proper information at his disposal.

To sum it up, the organizer claims this event presents all the solutions for ecommerce, and indeed the execution matches the claim.



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