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A fishy date with somebody of 25, Yes please
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A fishy date with somebody of 25, Yes please

The Largest Global Seafood Exposition is celebrating 25 Editions

A continued growth

All right, the pun is an easy one. But guess what, it’s that time of the year again: Brussels will be the capital of the Seafood Industry in the coming days. Indeed Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global organized by Diversified Communications, will take place in Brussels Expo Tuesday 25 April through Thursday 27 April.  And it’ is already the 25th edition of the event with still impressive numbers:

  • More than 1,800 exhibiting companies
  • from 79 countries
  • 73 national and regional pavilions
  • and an exhibition space of more than 38,350 square meters.

Wynter Courmont, Event Director for Diversified Communications shared the following thoughts on the upcoming event: “We are thrilled to be celebrating 25 editions of bringing the global seafood community together under one roof and see continued growth in the event year after year. Each year, this exposition continues to offer an excellent opportunity for the international seafood community to meet, network and get industry news at a global level.

Seafood Expo Global is a professional event and targets buyers from retailers, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, catering services, importers, distributors, seafood markets and more. Alongside Seafood Expo Global is Seafood Processing Global, representing every aspect of seafood processing, including packaging materials & equipment, refrigeration/freezing equipment & supplies, primary processing equipment, secondary processing equipment, hygiene control/sanitation and quality assurance services.

What to look forward to?

Next to be hosted in the greatest city of the world (being chauvinistic is allowed sometimes), the event of course will present the (usual) side events and features:

  • cooking demos on the various booths and pavilions
  • seminars and conferences
  • and of course the Seafood Excellence Global Awards: an award organized yearly to celebrate the winners of the Best Retail Product and the Best Hotel/Restaurant/Catering (HORECA) Product. Special awards will also be presented for Innovation, Convenience, Health and Nutrition, Retail Packaging and Seafood Product Line.


My 20/CENT

The Seafood Expo Global show is an interesting event on different levels. The size and the position it holds within the Seafood industry is of course undeniable. Also as it happens in Brussels it does bring a certain pride to the proud Belgian in me.

But I also enjoy visiting the show for different reasons. Indeed, during the show it is good to pick the latest trends and efforts within the industry in terms of sustainability. Especially that this topic seems to be important not only for the authorities but also for many manufacturers.

Also it feels, as this exhibition is not dominated by brands such as other big shows like Sial or Anuga for example. So the core aspects, the trends in the industry are more easily picked up as you don’t need to decipher them in the cacophony of brands trying to make themselves look good. However, it does make many booths look like each other. Once you see a salmon on a bed of ice on your left, you will often discover a layer of ice with a salmon resting on it on your right.

Lastly, I also like the show for its continuity. The successful concepts (such as the Seafood Excellence Global Awards for example) are repeated yearly, the organization is done correctly (e.g. easy registration, access, resting areas…)… and I guess the impressive amount of exhibitors and visitors are a proof of this great continuity.

So it is definitely one event to put in the agenda folks.



Seafood Expo Global & Seafood Processing Global, from 25th till 27th of April 2017, Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium,  www.seafoodexpo.com/global


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