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A few concepts discovered at EuroShop 2017

A few concepts discovered at EuroShop 2017

The EuroShop 2017 was filled with 2368 exhibitors from 61 countries. As you can imagine I didn’t visit each one of them but tried to do as many as possible in one day. The following lines will show you some of the concepts or booths that caught my attention.

  • 7Concepts:  a simple concept of displays with lights or small screens that are powered by batteries. The longevity of the battery-operated displays is easily five weeks or more, which is usually sufficient since promotions often last 4 weeks. The target market for the company is mainly the tobacco industry and airports.  
  • DRU International: the company is specialized in coolers (permanent and semi-permanent). Two novelties were presented at the show this year with one particularly appealing, a new tabletop model. This model is designed so it can be placed at the cash register area to boost the impulse purchases. Furthermore, the CEO, Sven Danneels, was eager to explain that nowadays retailers are not only interested in the cooler itself, but mostly in an all in one service. Concretely, the company wants to offer not only the cooling system, but also provide solutions for the rack jobbing, the merchandising, the follow-up etc…
  • Paperscent: a display concept that dispenses branded and scented perfumed strips. The device allows the retailer to limit the amount of used tested bottles (e.g. no more thefts, each time the right amount of perfume is released) and even to measure different parameters as the display is a connected device (e.g. location, time of usage, quantities of strips dispensed…).
  • Stimshop ultrasound:  this company uses ultrasound technology to send and receive data over the air. So it is quite useful in big stores or metallic constructions where the mobile signals can be disturbed. The responsible of the company could demonstrate a few examples of this technology put in use for example: for contests in store, to manage the waiting queue in store, and even in non retail as this system is used at a nuclear power plant.

Now I want to finish this article with the concept that I thought was more innovative compared to the rest of what I saw during my visit: Shelf.AI. The company devised a system for customers to do their shopping using their smartphones and their voice only. The system integrates with retailer’s existing platforms and channels, and works with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Facebook Messenger, Microfost Cortana. Concretely, you can have a conversation with your phone to do your shopping list. I have seen a little demo and saw that the device could pick up many items said rapidly in less than a minute. Then the conversation can start as one can then ask for a specific delivery moment, pay etc. The system of course picks up the preferences and repetitive purchases so a retailer will be able to do all the analysis he wishes to. For consumers the system offers a fast friendly to use solution. Furthermore for people sick of typing (or for older generations who don’t type as fast) this solution is a great help.


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