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EuroShop 2017 a massive discovery

EuroShop 2017 a massive discovery

As mentioned in my preview, this year’s EuroShop was a first for me. Indeed, in the past I never visited the show, so I travelled to Dusseldorf for the first time full of expectations and with lots of questions in my head.

EuroShop Registration

A well oiled machine, but…

One cannot deny the organization of this EuroShop puts together a well-organized event. Already at my arrival in Dusseldorf I could easily find my way to the free shuttle to the Dusseldorf Messe thanks to clear signs and friendly ground staff. Also the registration for me was quick and smooth, something you don’t see every time at a trade fair of this size.

Eagerly I walked through the different halls of the exhibition and went to look for the latest innovations and trends in the retail industry. The vast amount of exhibitors and the size of the different stands and booths were proofs that this event is unmissable in the industry.

However, I must say I found this event to be hard to read and navigate through. In my opinion, the signals indicating the different aisles could be more visible. Also when moving from one area to another I expected to see a bit more visual elements to differentiate the different dimensions the organization promoted so much before the show. Instead it seemed to be just one gigantic exhibition area spread in different halls.  

Furthermore this year’s vintage didn’t offer me the chance to see the new items or new apps that will revolutionize the retail. Maybe I am too demanding, or maybe they hid too well, but not many exhibitors mesmerized me with their innovations.

EuroShop Forum  EuroShop Retail Institute  


Noted those different aspects and trends

A few details and trends caught my eye when I visited the event

  • Like other shows, EuroShop had to extend its exhibition area with a prefabricated hall (Hall 18). This demonstrates how difficult it is to place all companies interested to exhibit, and shows that like many other trade fairs, EuroShop has an interesting future
  • The selling pitch has changed. Previously on such events, I was often confronted to the usual answer: “with this app/service/device the possibilities are endless”. But once you interviewed the exhibitor a bit further, there was often no concrete application yet. Nowadays, all exhibitors come with concrete examples of what they realized already. And for those with Beta versions, they also present concrete test runs of their services or app.

Those three following trends may not change the face of retail, but were difficult to miss at the show.

  • Chinese companies are well represented. However, too often the Chinese pavilions are inhabited with people concentrated on their smartphones or tablets.
  • The hipster beards are increasing in numbers. For the fans, there was a good amount of those well-groomed men showing off their facial hair.
  • Loud music with preferably a DJ is a tool often used to attract attention to mannequin manufacturers’ booths.

EuroShop 21017 China Pavillion Hall 18  EuroShop one of many mannequin manufacturers

Next show in 2020

For a first visit, yes I was a bit disappointed by the lack of big innovations. But I am also conscious that this void is not just up to the organization. The market, and the exhibitors are responsible for that. Concerning the fact that this fair was a bit hard to read in my opinion, well that can easily be fixed by the organization. Anyway, next event I’ll come even better prepared and I will target my visits.

Yes I will be visiting the next time. The show was not a huge disappointment; you will be able to read a few concepts that caught my eye in the next articles I will publish. And also as I said earlier in this article, EuroShop is an unmissable retail event.




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