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The Smarter Selling Event has me curious
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The Smarter Selling Event has me curious

Thank you technology, you changed our lives…and the way we work

So unless you just got out of a cave without any contact with the outside world, I guess you know that technology has had a great impact in the last decades on our everyday lives. So of course it has been always a great topic for people to chat about: “what can you do with it?”, “remember how this used to be…”, “what you knew a world without cell phones or gps even? How did you do then?”….

So with that idea in mind you can always find different conferences or seminars about the impact and consequences of technology. And here is one of those conferences coming up, the Smarter Selling Event.

Joeri Perneel, Managing Director of KreasalesCPM Bemgium, had this to share about the concept of this event “In the past 20 years, technology has truly changed the world: the way we all live, the power that customers have or the way businesses operate. In a world of continuous change and ever shortening innovation cycles, it’s fair to say that building a successful company today is a challenge. We all know there is no fixed algorithm for success.  However, with this Smarter Selling event, we will bring the future of sales into the present so that you are better prepared for tomorrow. There is no doubt that data combined with a wide variety of technologies will continue to drive companies forward in the future. However, we at CPM Belgium deeply believe that humans will always remain the real dominant centre of gravity in the success of a business. We are very much looking forward to inspiring you and to opening the door to a world of smart selling!



I know it is a company event but it did get me curious, so I registered. Of course it sounds like the organizer will try to convince the audience their company adapted to the technology challenges and will continue to do so in the future. But I feel there is more to this event. Indeed, the speakers are apparently experts in their field and the topics sound appealing. For example Artificial Intelligence is on the program, and this is a trendy topic.

So I’ll let you know (or see you there perhaps?).



More info on www.smarterselling.be

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